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About – Citizen Researcher

About us

Citizen Researcher was inspired by the global movement of Citizen Science. Driven by the mutual benefit that can exist when professional researchers and members of the public work alongside one another, we developed Citizen Researcher so that members of the public can take part in NYUAD research. 

With Citizen Researcher, members of the public can gain new research skills from their participation, and research studies reach their goals at a much faster rate thanks to participant contribution. 

Most importantly, Citizen Researcher removes the barrier that research can only be done by professionals. It proves that anyone with the passion and curiosity to learn and discover can take part in research.

What is Citizen Researcher?

Citizen Researcher engages public participants in NYUAD research across the disciplines of science, social science, engineering, arts, and humanities. Participants contribute to NYUAD research by following a research process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. This research process is developed and guided by NYUAD researchers. Through their participation, members of the public learn about NYUAD research, develop research skills and techniques, satisfy personal learning goals and make an impact on ongoing research. At the same time, research projects can reach their desired goals or outcomes at a much quicker rate thanks to participant contribution. 


Who is Citizen Researcher?​

A Citizen Researcher is anyone who takes part in a Citizen Researcher project. Citizen Researcher projects are ongoing NYUAD research studies that would benefit from public participation in the form of data collection, analysis, or reporting. Projects are designed to be clear and straightforward so participants of all ages and backgrounds can easily take part. It may be at first daunting to take part in a research project but we want to remove any misconceptions that research can only be done in a professional setting. In reality, professional research teams are limited in their time and resources and can use the help of public participants to reach certain research goals or milestones at a much quicker rate.  So if you are someone who is passionate about research, or is curious about discovering new information and making an impact, then Citizen Researcher might be just the thing for you!

Our Story

The office of Research Outreach at New York University Abu Dhabi aims to communicate NYUAD research to members of the public. As part of our role, we collaborate with NYUAD faculty, researchers, and staff to create initiatives that engage members of the public in NYUAD research. NYUAD has established itself as a world center for advanced research and scholarship, conducting research on issues of major disciplinary, multidisciplinary and global significance. We believe it is of vital importance that these research achievements are not only communicated to the public but to find creative ways to involve them in the research process. By doing so, we can instill in this and in future generations a passion to take part in research and to make a positive impact on the world around them. With this aim in mind, we are creating a Citizen Researcher platform that can house NYUAD research projects virtually and bring members of the public together to learn about and take part in NYUAD research.

The Citizen Researcher website aims to foster a community environment where registered participants can take part in NYUAD research, post about their citizen researcher experience, and stay up-to-date with project developments. 

Our Team

Citizen Researcher is led by two global experts and a world-class team of researchers, affiliates, fellows, and visitors, who combine and integrate diverse areas of expertise in research field. Meet the innovative, driven, and creative individuals who power Citizen Researcher.

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