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Become an NYUAD ‘Citizen Archivist,’ Record Your Memory for the Archives – Citizen Researcher

Become an NYUAD Citizen Archivist Record Your Memory for the Archives

Friday, June 9, 2023
Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor Library, Room 328 or Join Over Zoom

Learn how archivists and archives use oral history to capture knowledge about place and community, and how that archival object is preserved in a research environment. Participate in a 15-minute recorded interview that will be added to the NYUAD Memory Project collection, and keep a copy of the session for your own personal archives. This Citizen Archivist workshop is taking place on and in honor of “International Archives Day,” June 9th. 

Sign up for an individual session, with up to 3 participants. You may select a virtual session, or opt to book a time to come to campus. During the session, the archivist will present a short introduction about the NYUAD Memory Project, and record a memory session. Participants will be prompted and invited to share a memory of a place in Abu Dhabi.

Workshop Agenda: 


Memory Recording Session 1

9-10 AM 

Memory Recording Session 2

10-11 AM 

Memory Recording Session 3

11-12 PM 

Prayer and Midday Break 

12-3 PM 

Memory Recording Session 4

3-4 PM 

Memory Recording Session 5

4-5 PM 

Memory Recording Session 6

5-6 PM 

Memory Recording Session 7

6-7 PM 

Memory Recording Session 8

7-8 PM 

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