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Workshop with NYUAD Center for Sea Level Change (CSLC)

 NYUAD Citizen Researcher and afikra would like to invite you to a workshop around the changes in sea level in the United Arab Emirates.

The Center for Sea Level Change (CSLC) at New York University Abu Dhabi combines observations and computer models to understand past, and project future, sea-level rise. The center brings together regional and international research experts to tackle this challenging and societally relevant problem.

Afikra Conversation on Citizen Researcher

Afikra – a global organization that promotes intellectualism of Arab history and culture – interviews the co-founders of Citizen Researcher – an initiative developed by the office of Research Outreach that encourages public participation in NYUAD research. This conversation will explore what the Citizen Researcher initiative is about, what inspired its development and its importance.

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