Secchi Disk

Project Description: The project consists in a continued campaign of measurements of the Secchi disk depth, which is a measure of water transparency. NYUAD shall provide a tool kit where citizen researchers can build their own Secchi Disk, and provide a mobile phone app that allows Citizen Researcher to upload their GPS position and the measured Secchi depth.

We will make available the depths as maps of water transparency on a web site. The data will also be used as a teaching tool, as well as for validating our high-resolution Gulf ocean model.

Goal: To measure water transperancy in the UAE and create high resolution ocean models.

Task: Build Secchi Disk tool and upload GPS coordinate and Secchi Disk measurements in mobile application.

Protocol: Visit Website

Materials Toolkit, an internet connection and a phone

Suitable for Students (13+), Adults, Families, Seniors

Time: As much or as little as you are able in a sitting
Frequency As often as you like

Topics: Environment

Developed By: Arabian Center for Climate and Environmental ScienceS (ACCESS)

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