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Project Page – Citizen Researcher

Citizen Researcher Projects

Take part in NYUAD research projects and follow a guided process to accelerate critical research.

Did you know? Soil samples in the UAE contain a type of bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) that can be used as a form of organic pesticide. Take a look at our projects to participate in ongoing NYUAD research.


The growing availability of open astronomical data, and the existence of innovative software, enables the involvement of interested citizens in the search for new blazars. 

Dish by Dish Project aims to collect and transcribe restaurant menus in order to study what they can tell us about food and culture in the region.

The project is a continued campaign of measurements of the Secchi disk depth, which is a measure of water transparency. The data will be used as a teaching tool, as well as for validating our high-resolution Gulf ocean model.

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