Project Description: Blazars are the most powerful type of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and  are suspected to play a central role in the emerging field of multi-messenger astrophysics, one of the hot topics in modern astronomy. These unique sources are very special cosmic laboratories that involve matter falling onto supermassive black holes and the ejection of narrow jets of particles that move at a velocity that is close to the speed of light. 

Blazars are also extremely rare and therefore difficult to find. However, the rapidly growing availability of open astronomical data, and the existence of innovative software tools that can be used by non-experts, enable the organisation of this project that will involve students and interested citizens in the search for new blazars, contributing to the research in this area of astrophysics.

Goal Discover new blazars using multi-wavelength public domain data

Task Collect data from astronomical catalogs and databases using the tools provided by by NYUAD and the Open Universe initiative.

Protocol Visit Website

Materials An internet connection and a laptop

Suitable for Students (13+), Adults, Families, Seniors

Time As much or as little as you are able in a sitting

Frequency As often as you like

Topics Astronomy

Developed By NYUAD Center for Astro Particle and Planetary Physics 

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