Language Master

Project Description Do you want to learn more about your native language, in a scientific way? At the Neuroscience of Language Lab, we specialize in studying words, phrases, sounds, and signs across various languages! We combine theoretical approaches to language with techniques from neuroscience to better understand how language works in the brain. We are specifically interested in linguistic composition: humans’ ability to create complex expressions from simpler parts. Our lab has studied linguistic composition in neural and behavioral responses in languages such as English, Modern Standard Arabic, Spanish, Bangla and American Sign Language. We are now reaching out to YOU to help us further diversify our language populations! How do speakers of your language understand and put together words? Help us find out!

Goal To explore how speakers of various languages process language

Task Translate material into native language, recruit speakers of that language, and analyse their data

Protocol TBA

Materials Forms and stimuli to be translated will be provided

Suitable For Students (13+), Adults, Families, Seniors

Time 3-4 weeks

Frequency  Translation – Once; Recruitment  & Analysis –  Frequently

Topics Linguistics, Psychology

Developed By  Neuroscience of Language Lab (NeLLab)

         Participation Outcomes

  • Research experience in data collection & analysis
  • The opportunity to present your work to language scientists at NYU
  • Have your work featured on the Citizen Researcher website
  • The possibility of becoming a co-author on a publication
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