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Sea Level Change – Citizen Researcher

Sea Level Change

Project Description Sea-level rise will affect coastal communities all over the world in the coming decades. To provide meaningful projections of future coastal change along the UAE shoreline, we need a high-resolution, detailed understanding of the land surface elevation. This project harnesses the recent, rapid advancements in the accuracy of location-aware smartphones so that everyone in the UAE can contribute geographic data to improve the elevation datasets underpinning our sea-level projections.

Goal Collecting elevation information over large geographic areas over long time spans to provide critical information on land elevation changes. 

Task Citizen Researchers will use a smartphone app to record geographic information that will improve the coverage of elevation data that is used in sea level rise projections.

Protocol Click Here

Materials A smartphone with iOS or Android operating system. You will need to download an app that contains all the instructions for participation.

Suitable for Students (13+), Adults, Families, Seniors

Time It will take a couple of minutes to take each measurement using the app. You can take one to many measurements.

Frequency  As many times as you like – we encourage all levels of participation from one-off to regular.

Topics Sea-level science, citizen science

Developed By Center for global Sea Level Change

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