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The Menu Project – Citizen Researcher

The Menu Project

Project Description

Food is something that we all know something about. The Menus Project aims to collect and transcribe restaurant menus in order to study what they can tell us about food and culture in the region. We are interested in knowing what kinds of foods are on offer locally, what kinds of eating establishments they are served at and where those establishments are located. We will use information from the transcriptions in multiple languages to create a searchable dataset, documenting the diversity of foods from near and far in the restaurants of the region, allowing us to look for patterns in flavors and ingredients and to analyze the costs and varieties of food. 

There are two ways that citizen researchers can participate in the project: 

  1. Sending us photos of menus you have and telling us something about the place selling these foods
  2. Transcribing the menus on a digital platform.

Project Link: Dish By Dish


Goal: To document the kinds of food on offer in the restaurants in the country, variety and their cost.


  1. Transcribing menus
  2. Contributing menus to our database

Equipment: An internet connection and a laptop

Suitable for: Students (13+), Adults, Families, Seniors

Time: As much or as little as you are able in a sitting

Frequency:  As often as you like

Topics: Food Studies, Urban History, Cultural Studies, World Cuisines

Developed By: NYUAD Digital Humanities 

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