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Workshops – Citizen Researcher


Citizen Archivist Workshop

Join us for a captivating workshop in celebration of “International Archives Day” on June 9th! In this unique opportunity, we invite you to explore the fascinating world of oral history and its role in capturing the rich knowledge about places and communities. Led by experienced archivists, this Citizen Archivist workshop, hosted by the renowned NYUAD Memory Project, offers a chance to contribute to the preservation of local memories and be a part of a valuable research environment.

Secchi Disk Workshop

The project consists in a continued campaign of measurements of the Secchi disk depth, which is a measure of water transparency. NYUAD shall provide a tool kit where citizen researchers can build their own Secchi Disk, and provide a mobile phone app that allows Citizen Researcher to upload their GPS position and the measured Secchi depth.

Firmamento is a Citizen Researcher Project, developed by the Center of Astro, Particle, and Planetary Physics, to aid in the discovery of blazars by providing access to a wide range of well-known and recently released multi-frequency open astronomical data. Public participants will preliminary validate data from a large number of astronomical catalogs and databases using the tools provided by Firmamento and the Open Universe initiative.

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